If Vs Then

If Vs Then

What if this whole government spend even a peny on development of a country how would our country will be in future ?

New York City

This is not only a imagination it would be reality if our politicians become sincere with the development. Every politician have a tremendous business which they are running how if they make their money to work for the poverty instead of using it for their Licentiousness.

Then our country get theirselves out from many crisis even we are not eating a pure wheat in our country.

Wheat has been recovered last year in Ramadan

Wheat Scam

I couldn’t forget the last year scam was about Rs 200 Million. Seriously Damn !! Fuck.

The quality which we sell to foreign country as a export quality is a 100% pure quality.

100% Pure Quality

Now it’s time that we took take some steps. We must donate and raise our voice by helping the poor that we are Muslims and we do take care of our religion and their paths.

This way our government will understand that we could stand and know how we can survive.

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