Benjamin Netanyahu is a Prime Minister of Israel who look forward for the development of Jews which are living their life on the mercy of Adolf Hitler after World War II. The Holocaust which Jews cannot forget is the reality of their life.

These remaining Jews are working globally in every country to learn about Muslims Psychology that how they can effect Muslims. Today Israel is following, Learning and understanding our Holy Book Quran Shareef but still they couldn’t find the Hazrat Suleman (A.S) Ring and Hazrat Moosa (A.S) Asa e Mubarak (Jannati Laathi). Many Jews have predictions that if they have these things they can rule the world but still there is no chance that any country could remove Islam from this world.

Arabs who are now become a friend of Israel (Yahoodi) will soon see their real faces. More than decades these people are responsible for every killing of Muslim across the world. Judgmental day is not far away and the people of Israel (Yahoodi) soon announced their religion that they (Yahoodi) are the followers of DAJAL (One Eye Weird Thing) but they are forgetting that what happened to Firoon who was once their ruler .


These Investments which are showing one eye person (DAJAL) from animated series to web series are the prove that they are 24/7 trying their best to mislead Muslims from their religion that’s why they have setup every part of pieces on a right place on a right time but its very awkward that these Jews (Yahoodi) using other religion shoulders to harm anyone they don’t have guts to face Muslims in front of them because they know Muslims always ready to sacrifice their lifes because our real life starts after our death.

After the success of Tiktok many Tiktokers who are looking forward for the opportunities these Jews (yahoodi) Start campaign to make people aware of One eye weird thing (DAJAL) Jews targeted mostly Indian teenagers by provide them a secure life style.

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