Dangerous Silence In Kashmir

It’s almost more than a year has been passed in Kashmir, I still remember the peoples mourning and crying for their relatives and loves one life which has been lost due to seize fire by many Indian Army troops. The lands which were always open for the tourist and the foreigners are now a restricted area and Graveyard for the peoples of Kashmir. People of Kashmir are not even allowed to go for praying in masjid. They’re living a life which we can’t even imagine however the United Nations who is responsible to giving rights to every country who is responsible to speak is also silent on these circumstances. Aren’t all these facts enough for the United Nations and the world to take notice and stop India’s fascist Bharataya Janata Party.

Peoples are Caged in Kashmir but still their love for their religion is invincible.

India politicians are so much worried about their every steps because they already know that many Muslim countries are silence due to they left their decision on United Nations but if this goes to long and united nations couldn’t take any steps then Muslim Jihadi’s definitely Raise their voices to Islamic Organization committee. Every one is now only watching that what will be UNITED NATION Decision.

The photo of Sikh Community Visited Kartarpur

On the other hand Pakistan is supporting and providing a tremendous hospitality to their neighborhood and others as well. If we talk about other Religion and Races Pakistan is the one of the most friendly country and every one feeling save and freedom when they came here. Instead of going INDIA Every Tourist Must taste the culture of Pakistan. Nearly 45,000 pilgrims visited Kartarpur Sahib since Nov 2019.

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